Atlanta is a hot bed for talent from Jermaine Dupri, Outkast, the Trap Music of T.I. and Jeezy; now Atlanta Native Backdoe Money is making noise inside the same strip club circuit many other HOTLANTA artists have known to travel. Backdoe Money, born Terry Givens Jr., is a former athlete and scholar. He received his name due to the fact he accomplished so many of his goals going through the back door and most of those goals were money motivated. Backdoe Money music career started back in 2002 when he met Atlanta Producer Brandon “Rich Boi” Richardson when they were in high school. When Rich Boi finished his Masters Degree and multiple tours with Trill Entertainment; he returned back to Atlanta full time. Backdoe and Rich Boi rekindled their music recording and created Backdoe Money’s buzzing mixtape Serving Out The Backdoe which was released in February 2015 and the FREE BRA DAMAN mixtape. Both were a precursor to Backdoe Money’s debut album For My People that was released in early 2015. Backdoe Money is a rapper and entrepreneur owning his label Straddle The Fence; a name that he came up because his whole life it’s like he has been in two worlds of right and wrong, always straddling the fence. Like many young black men Backdoe Money said he wanted to get an education and was afforded that opportunity while playing baseball for Alabama State University as an athlete, but he also had to face the trials as well as triumphs of life growing up in Dekalb County. Backdoe Money is happy with his independent success but is not opposed to signing a major record deal if he can get a fair deal that will allow his company the growth to provide for his family and friends. Backdoe Money said “I am not trying to validate being a street rapper, I want to validate urban youth awareness and use current trends to promote that”. Backdoe Money recently finished his book Urban Youth Awareness, which is full of real life lessons that he went through. He hopes by sharing, other youth can avoid learning the hard way. Some of those life lessons such as how to take responsibility for your success in life and even how to avoid a lot of the negativity the world has to give to urban youth. Outside of music, Backdoe Money is a serial entrepreneur and is part of a family owned trucking company in Georgia called Givens Trucking LLC. He balances his time between his family, business, music and interviews that can be heard on radio station programming such as Desert Storm Radio and the Wall Street acclaimed Coalition DJ’s Radio. Backdoe Money is preparing his latest projects for release this summer and fall.